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While many may aspire to become a life coach, the pursuit of becoming an expert requires a commitment to professional excellence, dedication to honing one’s skills, and proof of credibility to earn clients’ trust—and that’s why you need a certification. Yet coaches often face the challenge of finding accessible and affordable certification options. Fortunately, there are numerous options for free life coach certification online that can help you start your coaching career without spending a dime—or at a cost of just a nominal fee. Read on to find out about the best free coaching courses that can jumpstart your career.

  • Oxford Home Study – Best for Variety of Courses
  • Life Coach Training Institute –Best Comprehensive Option
  • Udemy: Introduction to Life Coaching – Best for Deciding Whether Life Coaching Is for You
  • Udemy: Life Coaching 101 Complete Guide to Becoming a Life Coach – Best for Beginners and Experienced Coaches
  • Udemy: Blueprint For Successful Life Coaching – Best for Marketing and Growing a Business
  • Alison Professional Life Coach – Best for Affordable Certification
  • The Open University – Best for Career Coaching

Do You Need a Life Coach Certification?

If you’ve been researching a career as a life coach, then you may already know that there is no governing body that demands that you obtain a certification. You can freely begin a coaching career without any credentials. So, why then enroll in a certification program?

The coaching industry is growing, and more people are navigating toward this rewarding and profitable career. If you want to differentiate yourself and woo clients, having a certification is a huge advantage, as it acts as proof of your expertise. What’s more, certification courses have a structured learning process, and you’ll be able to accumulate knowledge and tools for successful coaching within a short time frame.

Explore a Variety of Courses: Oxford Home Study

Oxford Home Study provides a range of free courses for aspiring coaches. With self-paced learning and CPD approval, these programs cover the intricacies of life coaching and offer credibility to potential clients. You can opt for an affordable certificate to enhance your credentials upon completion.

Comprehensive Training: Life Coach Training Institute

The Life Coach Training Institute offers a free Life Coach Training Mini-Course, renowned for its comprehensive curriculum. This course includes video modules, coaching competency activities, and invitations to free workshops, providing a flexible learning experience to progress at your own pace.

Introductory Insight: Udemy Introduction to Life Coaching

Udemy’s Introduction to Life Coaching offers a free introductory course for those undecided about pursuing a career in life coaching. Gain a deeper understanding of the profession, its requirements, and coaching methodologies to make an informed decision. Please note that this course does not provide a certificate.

For Beginners and Professionals: Udemy Life Coaching 101

Udemy’s Life Coaching 101: Complete Guide to Becoming a Life Coach caters to both beginners and experienced coaches. Delve into essential topics such as the future of life coaching, ethics, boundaries, and marketing strategies. Although free, this course offers valuable insights for establishing and growing your coaching practice.

Business Growth Strategies: Udemy Blueprint For Successful Life Coaching

Udemy’s Blueprint For Successful Life Coaching focuses on the business aspect of coaching, providing in-depth guidance on establishing and marketing your practice. This free course covers essential steps, including creating strategies, building a professional website, leveraging social media, and more, making it a valuable resource for coaches looking to expand their business.

Affordable Certification: Alison

Alison offers a CPD-accredited Professional Life Coach course taught by Dr. Elisaveta Pavlova, a renowned life coach. This course covers successful coaching strategies, conquering negative beliefs, and starting a coaching business. While enrollment is free, you can obtain a certificate for a small fee.

Career Coaching: The Open University

For those interested in career coaching, The Open University’s Exploring Career Mentoring and Coaching course offers a certificate of completion at no cost. Learn about fundamental coaching techniques, person-centered coaching, cognitive-behavioral coaching methods, and more to develop expertise in this niche.

Embrace Your Coaching Journey

Even with a limited budget, you can begin your coaching journey with these free certification options. Expand your knowledge, skills, and credibility as a coach without financial constraints. Once you’ve explored the possibilities through free courses, you can decide if investing in a paid certification program is the next step in your coaching career.

For further guidance on the best-paid life coaching certification programs, consider checking out our comprehensive review, which includes budget-friendly options like Transformation Academy and the reputable and ICF-accredited Coach Training Alliance.

Pursuing a life coach certification demonstrates your commitment to professional excellence and enhances your client’s credibility. Whether you choose a free or paid program, the knowledge and skills gained will propel your coaching career forward. Embrace the opportunities available to you and embark on a fulfilling journey as a certified life coach in 2023.

Search Programs

Get information on programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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