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Yoga Life Coach Certification

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Become a Certified Yoga Life Coach! Help Your Clients Create a Balanced, Peaceful Life Using Ancient Yogic Practices | taught by Victoria Hawkins



  • Help clients apply ancient yogic wisdo
  • Use mindfulness meditation
  • Use mantras and mudras
  • Use pranayama
  • Facilitate art projects, including mandalas, surrender box, and mala beads
  • Use asana (poses) in your life coaching sessions


  • Ancient Yogic Wisdom for Modern Culture
  • Whole Self Model
  • Caring for Physical, Mental, Emotional Body
  • Releasing Practices for Transformation
  • Caring for Energetic Self
  • Strengthening Spiritual/Intuitive Connection
  • Coming to Self-Expression
  • Understanding Chakras
  • Coordinating Asana
  • Yoga Asana/Poses for Transformation
  • Remembering Our Divine Connection through Yoga
  • 100% Online Course

    Start instantly with lifetime access.

  • Accredited Course

    Accredited by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134)

  • Self-paced

    Work at your own pace

  • From Beginner to Advanced

    No degree or prior experience required

  • English

    Subtitles: English


As a Certified Yoga Coach, you will help your clients:

  • Release tension
  • Clear their minds
  • Increase energy
  • Unblock stuck emotions
  • And increase their strength and wellbeing!

As a certified yoga life coach you will commit to a lifestyle of living more closely aligned to your own inner wisdom and true self so you can guide others back to remembering their Unique True Self and living a richer life of joy, peace, balance and fulfillment through the practices and lifestyle of ancient yoga wisdom.

This course is not a full yoga teacher training. Instead, it is a one-of-a-kind life coach certification program that teaches you how to use meditationbreathwork, simple posesmantras and mudras in your life coaching practice.

As a certified yoga life coach:

You’ll help your life coach clients use pranayama (or breathwork) to create more balance, calm or energy in their lives.

You’ll receive several mindfulness meditations to use with your clients, including mindfulness, expression, surrender, and more.

You’ll learn how to use mantras and mudras (special hand positions) to help your clients set intentions and shift energy.

You’ll learn about your chakras or energy centers and techniques for helping your clients clear energy and create alignment.

You’ll learn several art projects you can use with your clients, including mandalas, creating a surrender box, and creating mala beads.

You’ll also learn several simple and safe asana (or poses) that anyone can do which you can facilitate with your clients to help them:

  • Shift feelings and beliefs
  • Increase inner strength
  • Open their heart
  • Improve core stability
  • Ground inner peace


1 Section 1: Introduction to Using Yoga for Personal Transformation 0 / 10|35min
  • Welcome! 3min
  • COACH: How to Use Yoga as a Life Coach 3min
  • Meet Yoga Instructor Victoria Hawkins 2min
  • Tools and Techniques of Yoga (Used in This Course) 5min
  • The Meaning of Yoga 7min
  • A Brief History of Hatha Yoga 8min
  • Benefits of Yoga 4min
  • IMPORTANT: How to Take This Course 3min
  • REQUIRED: Agreement, Disclaimer and Code of Ethics 1min
  • Questions and Resources 1min
2 Section 2: Tenets of Yoga for Life Transformation: Ancient Yogic Wisdom for Modern Culture 0 / 14|1hr 19min
  • The Lifestyle of Yoga 3min
  • The Tenets of Aparigraha (Non-Grasping, Non-Attachment) 7min
  • MEDITATION: Aparigraha – Mindful Breathing with and Surrender/Release 4min
  • COACH: Using Aparigraha with Life Coaching Clients 4min
  • The Tenets of Ahimsa (Radical Compassion for Self and Others) 8min
  • MEDITATION: Ahimsa – Mindful Breathing for Self-Compassion 5min
  • MEDITATION: Ahimsa – Metta or Loving-Kindness Meditation 7min
  • COACH: Conducting the Compassion/Ahimsa Meditations with Clients 5min
  • COACH: Using the Tenets with Life Coaching Clients 9min
  • The Practice of Sadhana 5min
  • Sadhana Activity: 21 Days of Surrender Box 6min
  • COACH: Using the Surrender Box with Clients 4min
  • Meditation: Mindfulness – “Out to In” 9min
  • COACH: Conducting The “Out to In” Mindfulness Meditation 3min
3 Section 3: Whole Self Model and Its Relationship to Yoga 0 / 2|30min
  • The Whole Self Model (Gingerbread Model) 16min
  • Coach: Using the Whole Self Gingerbread Model with Your Yoga Coaching Clients 15min
4 Section 4: Caring for the Physical, Mental and Emotional Body Through Yoga 0 / 10|1hr 3min
  • Caring for Our Physical Body 6min
  • Caring for Our Mental Body 5min
  • Mantras and Mala Beads 11min
  • Creating Your Own Mala Beads 9min
  • COACH: Mala Bead Workshop Ideas 4min
  • Caring for The Emotional Body 7min
  • MEDITATION: Clouds in The Sky (Observing Feelings) 6min
  • COACH: Using Clouds in The Sky Meditation with Your Yoga Coaching Clients 4min
  • Mindful Feelings Exercise 5min
  • COACH: Mindful Feelings Meditation 5min
5 Section 5: Releasing Practices for Transformation(Breathwork and Energetic Clearing) 0 / 6|30min
  • Lotus Mudra Series (Hand Positions and The 4 R’s: Release-Request-Receive- Rejoi 5min
  • COACH: Lotus Mudra Series 5min
  • Pranayama Techniques (Breathwork) 7min
  • COACH: Teaching Pranayama to your Yoga Coaching Clients 4min
  • Savasana for Release 7min
  • COACH: Leading Savasana 3min
6 Section 6: Caring for Our Energetic Self with Yoga 0 / 9|38min
  • Caring for Our Energetic Self (Aura, Nadis-Shushumna, Ida, Pingala and Chakras) 10min
  • Disco Ball Exercise 4min
  • COACH: Energetic Disco Ball 4min
  • Cutting Cords for Energetic Care 6min
  • COACH: Energetic Clearing and Cutting Cords 5min
  • Pranayama in Yoga for Balancing (Alternative Nostril Breathing) 3min
  • Pranayama in Yoga for Calming (Left Nostril Breathing) 2min
  • Pranayama in Yoga for Energizing (Right Nostril Breathing) 2min
  • COACH: Pranayama for Energetic Balancing 4min
7 Section 7: Strengthening Our Spiritual/Intuitive Connection Through Yoga 0 / 3|13min
  • Connecting with and Nurturing Your Spiritual/Intuitive 5min
  • Namaste Exercise 4min
  • COACH: Namaste Exercise 4min
8 Section 8: Coming Into Our Self-Expression with Yoga 0 / 9|40min
  • Coming Into Our Self-Expression with Yoga 4min
  • Seeing Yourself as the True You 4min
  • COACH: The True You with Clients 4min
  • Self-Expression Exercise: When I Was 17 7min
  • COACH: When I Was 17 Exercise 6min
  • Mandalas for Expression and Meditation 6min
  • COACH: Using Mandalas with your Yoga Coaching Clients 2min
  • Minute Mandala Exercise Using Stones and Crystals or Other Earth Elements 4min
  • COACH: Using Minute Mandalas 3min
9 Section 9: Understanding the Chakras and Coordinating Asana 0 / 4|24min
  • The Chakras (Energetic Centers) 11min
  • COACH: Incorporating the Chakras with Clients 5min
  • Chakra Meditation 5min
  • COACH: Using the Chakra Meditation with Clients 2min
10 Section 10: Yoga Asana/Poses for Transformation (Poses) 0 / 10|1hr 41min
  • Introduction to Yoga and Asana 2min
  • COACH: Guidelines for Using Asana with Coaching Yoga Clients 5min
  • Grounding and Strengthening Asana 15min
  • Chair Variation of Grounding and Strengthening Asana 11min
  • Balancing Asana 10min
  • Heart and Throat Opening Asana 20min
  • Core Strengthening Asana 9min
  • Releasing Asana 15min
  • Mudra and Mantras and Asana 6min
  • The One Source and Our Unique Expression 8min
11 Section 11: Remembering Our Divine Connection Through Yoga 0 / 6|31min
  • COACH: Sharing the One Source and Our Connection 5min
  • The Power of Intention Setting in Yoga 4min
  • Divine Design and The Perfect Square 9min
  • COACH: Divine Design and Perfect Square with Clients, 5min
  • The Surrendered Yogi 5min
  • Coach: The Surrendered Yoga Life Coach 3min
12 Section 12: Yoga Training Course Wrap-up! 0 / 3|9min
  • Yoga Training Course Wrap-up! 3min
  • How to Receive Your OFFICIAL Yoga Coach Certification 1min
  • BONUS Content You Don’t Want to Miss! 5min