6 Reasons To Become A Life Coach

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Reason 1: You love helping others.

If you have a genuine passion for helping others who come to you with their issues, then you should certainly consider becoming a certified life coach! You’ll be able to help potentially thousands of people who are struggling and in need of direction.

Reason 2: You believe you have a calling in life to put others before yourself. 

Are you not satisfied with your current working situation? It’s possible that you’re experiencing a lack of a greater purpose and wish to see if life has more to offer. You’ll be given the opportunity to use your skills and talent to find real meaning in your work as a life coach.

Reason 3: Becoming a Life Coach reflects your personal values. 

Life coaches commonly possess peace and satisfaction since they’re able to support themselves and their families while maintaining their values. Values may include helping others, discussing the most important things in life, contributing more to your community, and pushing people to achieve their goals and dreams. What are your own values? Do you believe your beliefs align with the work of a life coach?

Reason 4: Life Coaching is about helping people live while honoring their personal beliefs and values. 

It’s extremely common that people have to work in areas that contradict their values, working just to survive instead of concentrating on what really matters to them. A life coach helps guide people to live while honoring their values and staying true to themselves. A life coach helps a client create the ideal life that aligns with their values and allows them to reach their full potential.

Reason 5: Life Coaching can be lucrative.  

Life coaches can develop a practice that allows them to live very comfortably. They typically charge between $175-500 an hour, and monthly packages or working with certain demographics can warrant even greater fees. A life friend who’s an Executive Coach charges $1200 a month to talk to executives only 60 minutes a week! Naturally, you won’t be able to charge this much off the bat, but as you develop your practice into a credible establishment, this can become a reality yourself as well.

Reason 6: Coaching allows freedom, flexibility and time.

Life coaches are given a lot of flexibility with their work hours. They can set their schedule around their own responsibilities and schedule preferred hours that align with their personal schedule. Some work strictly online in the comfort of their own pajamas. Of course, an office setting is more prevalent, but there’s always that option! You’re able to work locally, internationally, in person, through the phone, and even online thanks to Skype and Google Hangout. One of the greatest thing about being a life coach is the flexibility you’re given! One of our program graduates travels across the world and works on a boat!

There are hundreds of reasons to become a life coach, why wait? Check out our complete online life coach certification program today to start your career as a professional Life Coach.

Search Programs

Get information on programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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