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Looking for the best deal on a certification program from Transformation Academy? Look no further! You can now enjoy a whopping 80% off on select certification courses. It’s incredibly simple to claim this discount—just click on our provided link, select your desired course or courses, and watch the discount automatically apply at the checkout.

Transformation Academy: A Comprehensive Review of Life Coaching Certifications

When it comes to certification programs in the life coaching field, Transformation Academy stands out as one of the most sought-after options. Suppose you’re curious to learn more about what they have to offer and how they compare to other life coach certifications. In that case, we invite you to read our comprehensive review of Transformation Academy.

So, how much does a certification from Transformation Academy cost? The great news is that their courses are known for their affordability. For just $197, you can secure a professional life coaching certification, and this price applies to individual niche certifications as well.

Transformation Academy also offers bundles that combine a collection of related certifications. For instance, their Master Life Coach Certification bundle includes the Professional Life Coach, Life Purpose Coach, Happiness Life Coach, and Goal Success Life Coach certifications. These master-level bundles are priced at $497.

You can slash the price even further by taking advantage of our discount. Pay only $39.40 for a single certification or just $99 for a bundle of four certifications.

Eligible Courses for Discount: Explore Transformation Academy’s Wide Range of Certifications

Wondering which courses are eligible for the discount? Good news—every course and bundle offered by Transformation Academy qualifies for the discount. They boast a wide range of over 80 courses, including general life coaching certification and popular specialties like life purpose coach, spiritual life coach, health and nutrition coach, career coach, and confidence coach certifications.

Let’s take a closer look at the available options for their master-level bundles:

  1. Master Life Coach Certification (Professional Life Coach, Life Purpose, Happiness, and Goal Success Certification)
  2. Master Mindset Coach Certification (Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, CBT-Cognitive Behavioral, and REBT-Rational Emotive Certification)
  3. Master Transformation Life Coach Certification (Transformation Coach, Life Story Coach, Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator, and Forgiveness Coach Certification)
  4. Master Spiritual Life Coach Certification (Spiritual Life Coach, Shamanic Life Coach, Yoga Life Coach, and Law of Attraction Coach Certification)
  5. Master Empowerment + Self-Care Life Coach Certification (Focus Mastery + Breakthrough Coach, Self-Care Coach, Empowerment Coach, and for the fourth certification, you can choose from options like Confidence Coach, Abundance Coach, Empowerment Self-Defense, or People Pleaser Coach Certification)
  6. Master Wellness Life Coach Certification (Health & Nutrition Coach, Diet Coach, Mindfulness Coach, and for the fourth certification, you can choose from options like Yoga Coach, Ketogenic Diet Coach, or BellyCore Fitness Instructor)

But that’s not all—the discount also applies to their monthly membership program! Enjoy an 80% discount every month, with the exception of the first month, which is completely free.

Now, let us briefly explain how the membership works. For a monthly fee of $149 or a total of $895 per year, you gain access to Transformation Academy’s entire course catalog, including bundles, personal development programs, and entrepreneurship programs. Additionally, the membership offers a free listing in TA’s coach directory.

Accreditation and Professional Development: Transformation Academy’s Quality Assurance

One important question often asked is whether Transformation Academy is accredited. The answer is yes! Transformation Academy holds accreditation from the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Agency. As a student of TA, you have the opportunity to earn CEU (Continuing Education Units) or CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits.

This accreditation is a testament to the quality and recognition of Transformation Academy’s courses. It ensures that you will receive valuable education that contributes to your ongoing professional growth and development.

Unlock Your Full Potential: Take Advantage of the 80% Discount on Transformation Academy Certification Programs

In conclusion, don’t miss out on this unbeatable offer to save 80% on all Transformation Academy certification programs. Explore the wide range of certification courses available and unlock your full potential at an astoundingly low cost. Whether you’re looking to specialize in a specific life coaching field or lay a solid foundation for general life coaching, our discount ensures that you pay an incredibly affordable price.

Take advantage of our Transformation Academy discount code today and embark on a transformative journey towards a successful career in life coaching. Click on our link to access the site, choose your desired courses, and witness the incredible savings at the checkout. Start your path to personal and professional fulfillment with Transformation Academy.

Search Programs

Get information on programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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