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8 Steps To Stop Self-Destructiveness

Are You Self Destructive? Ask yourself the following questions: Do you procrastinate? Turning things in late even though you had time to do complete something early? Are you capable of doing something but never end up doing it? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are engaging in self-destructive behavior. […]

6 Reasons To Become A Life Coach

Reason 1: You love helping others. If you have a genuine passion for helping others who come to you with their issues, then you should certainly consider becoming a certified life coach! You’ll be able to help potentially thousands of people who are struggling and in need of direction. Reason 2: You believe you have […]

What Is A Life Coach?

Are you interesting in starting a new career as a life coach? Or are you wanting to include life coaching under your current practice? The Online Life Coaching Certification programs offered by LifeCoachTraining are designed to prepare you for the opportunity to create beneficial and life-long changes in several areas of your clients’ lives. Life coaching […]

Deal With Difficult People Using A 4-Step Communication Strategy

How To Effectively Handle Difficult People Calmly and Professionally If you’re looking to improve both your professional and personal relationships, then it is highly recommended that you create a list of your boundaries and enforce them. Boundaries are used to define how other people should treat you and specifically, what behavior will not be tolerated. […]

How To Stop Overspending

One of the concepts discussed in our online life coach training program is what we like to call over-responding. Not to be confused with over-reacting, the phenomenon where someone produces an excessively dramatic or emotional response when it isn’t necessary, and instead refers to the careful evaluation of the situation to produce several solutions. When you […]

How To Ask For A Raise And 4 Other Strategies To Increase Wealth

How To Increase Your Income With 5 Strategies One of the primary components of financial responsibility is saving your money; whether it is for your kids, yourself, or for emergencies, allocating some of your income into a savings account is a crucial monetary decision. If you’ve finally realized that you could be saving more after […]