Happiness Life Coach Certification Course

Become a Certified Happiness Life Coach! Learn powerful tools and strategies to help your clients find their happiness. | Taught by Joeel & Natalie Rivera

The information and tools that were provided in the program are extremely useful and have helped me to feel empowered and excited to pursue a career as a Life Coach. There was no second guessing when I decided to sign up for your other courses for each niche (happiness, purpose and success/goals). Thank you Joeel and Natalie! 

I love all the examples to help visualize and relate it to real life. I did Life Purpose coaching with y’all as well. Looking forward to taking more of your courses in the future!

The content was good and I am looking forward to other courses offered by Joeel and Natalie. 

The tools provided are great and very useful to share with clients.  Every aspect of running a coaching business was thought of and they provided the necessary tools to help you get started like a professional. 

Help your clients find happiness in everyday life, no matter what obstacles they may be facing. This training program is designed to help you work with clients to peel off the layers of limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and old programming—empowering them to unleash their happiness from within! With newfound awareness, you can help your clients (and yourself) develop better-coping skills for day-to-day stressors and make decisions that bring happiness and success in life.

Not only will you learn powerful tools and concepts for creating happiness in your own life, you’ll also learn proven strategies to COACH YOUR CLIENTS as a Certified Happiness Life Coach, adding credibility to your brand and profits to your bottom line.

By having the Happiness Coach Certification under your belt (and the official seal on your marketing material) you’ll be giving yourself the credit you deserve for the important work you do.

All of our online courses and certifications are completely virtual! They consist of video instruction, with instructors Joeel and Natalie Rivera, as well as downloadable and printable PDF handouts and activities. Our courses are highly interactive and fun! Complete this program from anywhere in the world and at your own pace (and even in your pajamas if you want to!). This certification contains 7 hours of video and will take 9+ hours to complete.


We understand this certification course is not for everyone, therefore it may not be applicable to you. So to narrow it down, this course may be for you:

  • If you have a passion to help others improve their lives and be more happy.
  • If you are a counselor, life coach, speaker, teacher or other professional who works with people and you want to enhance the service you provide.
  • If you like to have a structure to follow and step by step system with proven results.
  • If you want to be able to give clients something concrete that they can work on.
  • If you are a presenter, workshop facilitator or speaker and want to add additional tools to your offerings and services.
  • If you want to expand your credibility through being a Certified Happiness Life Coach.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn the techniques and tools that will help you help others find their happiness
  • Understand and learn the psychology of what creates long term change in people
  • Utilize a proven, step-by-step system with all the materials needed to help people
  • Be able to teach what you learn with confidence
  • Increase your credibility
  • Enhance your coaching business
  • Offer new services to current clients
  • Provide workbook materials to your clients
  • Add additional sources of revenue to your bottom line

Why Happiness?

Because it’s a choice and a gift we can give to ourselves and clients! It will not only benefit our clients’ well being, it will increase the positive outcome of whatever else they are trying to achieve through life coaching.

Many studies have demonstrated that happiness:

  • Doubles your critical thinking skills, problem-solving ability, and creativity
  • Boosts your immune system and cardiovascular health
  • Extends life expectancy
  • Creates more fulfilling and longer lasting relationships
  • Creates more balance in life
  • Even helps individuals receive work promotions more often
  • And many more positive side effects!

Do you want to help your clients feel inspired with life? Help them stop letting stress and other people zap their joy! This course will give you the 6 simple, proven keys to helping your clients experience TRUE happiness in their daily life, no matter what’s going on around them. You’ve heard that true happiness comes from within… so, are you ready to help others unleash it? Instructor Joeel A. Rivera, M.Ed. is finishing a study about happiness (for his Ph.D. in Psychology) and wants to share his powerful findings and experience with you!

This course will help your clients:

  • Experience more joy and happiness on a daily bases, no matter what!
  • Help them let go of old patterns and belief systems and replace them with empowering ones!
  • Help them to stop living everyone else’ dreams and embrace their true path!
  • Help them control their emotions (so they can feel good NOW) instead of their emotions controlling them!
  • Help them to live a life of purpose and be their authentic self!


This course is part of the Master Life Coach Certification.

Course Curriculum

Happiness Coach Introduction
  • Introduction and What You Will Learn (Coach)
  • Defining Happiness (Coach)
  • Benefits and Challenges (Coach)
  • Unleash Your Happiness Intro (Client)
  • Peeling Off The Layers (Client)
Layer 1: Desire (influences/programming/expectations)
  • Layer 1: Desire (Client)
  • Layer 1 Desire Workbook
  • Layer 1: Desire (Coach)
  • Layer 1: Expectations VS Joy (Client)
  • Layer 1: Expectations VS Joy (Coach)
Layer 2: Limiting Beliefs (unconscious/agreements)
  • Layer 2: Limiting Beliefs (Client)
  • Layer 2 Beliefs Workbook
  • Layer 2: Limiting Beliefs (Coach)
Layer 3: Ego and Identity (attachments/roles)
  • Layer 3: Ego and Identity (Client)
  • Layer 3 Identity Workbook
  • Layer 3: Ego and Identity (Coach)
Layer 4: Time (past and future vs. the now)
  • Layer 4: Time “The Now” (Client)
  • Layer 4 Time Workbook
  • Layer 4: Time “The Now” (Coach)
  • Layer 4: Time “Experiencing” vs. “Remembering Self” (Client)
  • Layer 4: Time “Experiencing” vs. “Remembering Self” (Coach)
Layer 5: Patterns and Conditioning (rewiring for joy)
  • Layer 5: Negative Patterns and Conditioning (Client)
  • Layer 5 Patterns Workbook
  • Layer 5: Negative Patterns and Conditioning (Coach)
  • Layer 5: Wired for Joy (Client)
  • Layer 5 Wire for Joy Activity
  • Layer 5: Wired for Joy (Coach)
  • NLP: Anchoring and Stacking (Coach)
  • Anchoring
Layer 6: Your Current Mood (emotions)
  • Layer 6: Emotions and Current Mood (Client)
  • Layer 6 Emotions Workbook
  • Layer 6: Emotions and Current Mood (Coach)
Wrap Up & Bonuses: Unleash Your Happiness
  • Happiness Unleashed (Client)
  • Congratulations and Reflection (Coach)
  • BONUS: Forgiveness Part 1 (Coach)
  • BONUS Forgiveness Activity
  • BONUS: Forgiveness Part 2 (Coach)
  • Steps to Forgiveness
  • BONUS: My Life Movie (Coach)
  • My Life Movie
Certification Completion
  • Receiving Your Certificate