Shamanic Life Coach Certification

Shamanic Life Coach Certification

Become a Certified Shamanic Life Coach Using Shamanic Wisdom, Tools, Rituals and Therapeutic Art for Harmony and Alignment | taught by Victoria Hawkins

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  • Shamanic art therapy activities, tools and meditations
  • Shamanic art therapy techniques, tools and rituals
  • Creating greater harmony, health and wellbeing
  • Understanding the meaning behind rituals and tools
  • Animal totems
  • Sound healing
  • Mantras
  • The cycles of nature
  • The 4 elements
  • The chakra system


  • The return to harmony and wholeness
  • Restoring our nature connection
  • Creating sacred and neutral space
  • The power of sound
  • The power of ritual
  • Balance
  • Designing your shamanic life coaching program
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  • Accredited Course

    Accredited by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134)

  • Self-paced

    Work at your own pace

  • From Beginner to Advanced

    No degree or prior experience required

  • English

    Subtitles: English


Are you ready to learn and teach proven entrepreneurship skills?

Do you want to coach your clients towards entrepreneurship so that they can make money doing what they love, start a business, get more clients, or take their business to the next level?

Become a Certified Entrepreneurship and Business Coach!   

Self-employment though Entrepreneurship is the ultimate form of self-empowerment, and by coaching clients to create a thriving business, you are handing them the key to their freedom to determine their destiny and fulfill their life’s purpose.

This program is designed to for life coaches who want to work with those that want to improve their entrepreneurship skills such as INDIEpreneurs or solopreneurs, such as contractors, independent practitioners, life coaches, or small business owners with only a handful of employees. These can be business start-ups or those that are new to entrepreneurship or existing businesses who want to implement a new idea, make changes, get more clients, or expand their business.

In this entrepreneurship and business life coach training and certification course, you will learn a proven step-by-step process for helping your clients:

·        Find clarity about the business and lifestyle they truly want to create and what they need in order to get there

·        Turn their fantastic entrepreneurship and business idea into a concrete plan of action so they can stop spinning their wheels and KNOW what action to take next

·        Get unstuck by identifying current or possible roadblocks, whether they’re skills, resources, or mindsets, and strategize solutions for overcoming them

·        Quit wasting time and laser focus on INCOME PRODUCING RESULTS 

The best part is you’ll be using a PROVEN entrepreneurship system because we are giving you the exact process that we have used over and over again to start our own businesses, each in only 6 weeks, and that we have implemented with our business and entrepreneurship coaching clients for almost a decade! You’ll receive a complete entrepreneurship blueprint that includes all of the life coaching activities and tools you need to create your own entrepreneurship coaching program using our 6-week “quantum leap your business” model or custom designing your own entrepreneurship and business coaching process based on your unique passions and experience and your client’s needs.

You’ll learn powerful entrepreneurship coaching processes and tools for helping your clients in 6 key areas of their business:   

·        Discover their tribe of ideal clients and conduct market research in their niche

·        Write epic marketing copy and know exactly how to sell their product or service

·        Setting an ideal price based on the true value of what they offer

·        Increasing their revenue by creating new revenue streams

·        Establishing actionable short and long term goals and the action plans to get them there

·        Cultivating sustainable motivation that will keep them moving toward their goals

·        Plus, a bonus section that will teach you how to help your clients master their mindset—which
is often the biggest thing that holds people back—including their beliefs about money, excuses, procrastination, doubt, and failure.

So if you are ready to transform lives by giving the gift of entrepreneurship and helping others fulfill their purpose than enroll now. We look forward to seeing you in the course!

Guarantee: We know you will love this course. However, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee if the course does not meet your needs for any reason.


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Students who complete this certification course will receive an official life coach CERTIFICATION from Transformation Academy. This course is also ACCREDITED by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134), and CPD/CEU credits are available upon request.


1 Introduction to Being a Shamanic Life Coach 04:51
  • Connection Between the Arts and Shamanism
  • Recommended Materials List
  • All Course Documents in One Handy Place
  • IMPORTANT: Life Coaching Disclaimer
2 The Return to Harmony and Wholeness 70:31
  • COACH: Helping Your Clients Return to Harmony and Wholeness
  • Understanding Yourself as a Whole Self
  • Understanding Yourself as a Whole Self
  • Returning to Harmony and the Evolution of Human Kindness
  • Returning to Harmony and the Evolution of Human Kindness
  • Mindful Eating Exercise
  • Understanding Vibration
  • Sky Meditation and Art Project
3 Restoring Our Nature Connection 210:36
  • Restoring Our Nature Connection
  • Bringing Nature Into Your Space (Stones, Crystals and the Chakra System) Pt1
  • Stones, Crystals and Chakras
  • Bringing Nature Into Your Space (Stones, Crystals and the Chakra System) Pt2
  • Bringing Nature Into Your Space (Stones, Crystals and the Chakra System) Pt3
  • COACH Helping Clients Restore Their Nature Connection Pt1
  • COACH Helping Clients Restore Their Nature Connection Pt2
  • CHOACH Conducting Connecting Nature Activities with Your Clients
  • Nature Cycles (The Symbolism of the Four Seasons)
  • Nature Cycles Four Seasons Symbolism
  • Flower Power Pt1
  • Flower Power Pt2 (Plants for Manifesting)
  • Plants for Manifestation
  • Air-Purifying Plants
  • Air Purifying Plants
  • Tree Symbolism and Art Activity (If I Were a Tree)
  • Tree Symbolism
  • Tree Symbolism
  • Animal Totems
  • Common Animal Totems
  • Totem Pole Art Exercise
  • Creating Your Own Totem Card Deck
  • Spirit Guide Meditation
  • COACH Conducting a Group Spirit Guide Meditation
  • Creative Movement and Shamanic Dance
  • COACH Conducting Shamanic Dance and Movement with Clients
  • The 4 Elements: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air (Art Project)
  • The 4 Elements Symbolism
  • The 4 Elements: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air Pt2
  • COACH Using the Four Elements with Working with Clients Pt1
  • COACH Using the Four Elements with Working with Clients Pt2
4 Creating Sacred and Neutral Space 108:30
  • Creating Sacred Space (Traditional Clearing Methods)
  • Creating Neutral Space Pt1
  • Creating Neutral Space Pt2
  • Clearing Ritual: Releasing the Old and Setting Intention for the New
  • COACH Creating Sacred Space for Your Coaching Environment
  • COACH Clearing Before and After Your Client
  • Sacred Space Visualization and Guided Meditation
  • Sacred Space Meditation Art Project
  • COACH Leading the Sacred Space Visualization with Client
  • Creating a Feather Smudge Tool Pt1
  • Creating a Feather Smudge Tool Pt2
5 The Power of Sound 45:10
  • The Power of Sound (Mantras and Seed Sounds)
  • Mantras, Chakras and Seed Sounds
  • Using Sound to Express and Shift Emotion
  • COACH Helping our Clients Use the Power of Sound
  • Sacred Scrolls Art Project
  • COACH Using the Sacred Scrolls Activity with Clients
6 The Power of Ritual 48:49
  • The Power of Ritual
  • Medicine Wheel Meaning and Creation
  • Medicine Wheel Four Directions
  • Calling In The Four Directions Ritual
  • Gratitude is My Superpower
  • Gratitude Is My Superpower Exercise
  • The Ritual of Surrender
  • Surrender Box Art Project
  • COACH Helping Clients Establish Rituals
7 Balance Begins in the Heart 21:33
  • The Heart Chakra
  • ‘When I Was Seventeen’ Exercise Art Representation
  • COACH Working with Clients to Open the Heart Chakra
8 Designing Your Shamanic Life Coaching Program 21:17
  • Creating Your Shamanic Coaching Program
  • Shamanic Coaching Sessions
  • Shamanic Art Coaching Sessions Example Outline
  • COACH Note on Workshops
9 Course Wrap-Up 02:54
  • You Cannot Get Art Wrong