Sales Coach Certification (& Sales Skills Training for Coaches & Entrepreneurs)

Sales Coach Certification (& Sales Skills Training for Coaches & Entrepreneurs)

Develop Sales Skills for YOUR BUSINESS & Coaching Others, including: Closing Techniques, Prospecting, Sales Psychology, Sales Strategy, Buyer & Seller Mindsets, & More | Taught by Sanda Kruger

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  • How to coach clients to succeed in sales
  • Strategies for overcoming objections and turning them into closes
  • Prospecting strategies using phone, email, social media, text and face-to-face
  • Mastering communication skills, listening, voice inflection, and more
  • The process and strategies to close a sale
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs about sales
  • Marketing strategies to generate sales opportunities


  • Neuromarketing and Understanding Customers
  • Prospecting Strategies
  • Closing Techniques
  • Success Rituals and Habits
  • Building Credibility and Rapport
  • Developing Relationships
  • Effective Sales Techniques
  • Marketing Strategies that Work
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  • Self-paced

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  • From Beginner to Advanced

    No degree or prior experience required

  • English

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MOST entrepreneurs & life coaches do NOT have natural ability in SALES. In fact, most people HATE doing it! It feels awkward and gross and it isn’t effective.

But sales is a VITAL skill, whether you run a business, offer a personal service (like life coaching) or are a sales professional.

Even if you ARE good at sales, you can always improve!

  • Are you interested in increasing your life coaching revenue and coaching clientele numbers by learning new and established prospecting, sales and closing techniques?
  • Do you want to help people enhance their confidence in their selling skills and closing techniques like never before (as a Sales Coach)?
  • Would you like to learn proven sales processes and powerful sales tools for helping your clients reach their desired sales performance results?
  • Do you want to understand how your customers think and why people buy what they buy so you can use that in coaching others and/or to be successful in sales?
  • Do you want to learn about available Business Funding methods, both private and institutional, about business credit and creditworthiness, as specific necessary tools to your and your business life coaching clients’ success?
  • Do you want to help yourself and your clients stand out from the crowd with verified successful prospecting techniques ?
  • Have you considered running the life coaching business from home and you wan to learn all the pros and cons of balancing life and a home office and if that is really the best option for your and your loved ones?
  • Would you like to earn a sales coaching certification and create your own sales coaching practice?

Selling has been around for thousands of years, but even to this day, most people are scared of it, or simply dislike it. Or they associate sales with negative emotions, manipulation and bad experiences. Many people call sales a “necessary-evil,” when in fact is a natural activity we all perform daily without even knowing!

Sales can be done successfully, creating win-win situations and long lasting relationships. Learn how you can do that by taking the Sales Coaching Life Coach Certification Course today and Become a Sales Coach!


Learn powerful motivational techniques and hands-on practical tools to guide your clients to either support or create from scratch a positive emotional connection to the selling process both from a seller and a buyer perspective.

Develop a strong foundation of consumer motivational theory related to what makes a person purchase things, by understanding supply and demand and its direct connection to buyer psychology, neuromarketing, retail therapy, religion, rituals and habits, subliminal messaging and other factors influencing our decisions.

Learn core, professional sales coaching skills, such as how to develop a rapport with your clients, work together to set achievable goals, and support them using powerful communication and questioning techniques as well as hands-on practical tools.

Learn proper sales coaching techniques and evaluation methods designed to help you determine a client’s needs and their readiness to develop their emotional intelligence skills as pertaining to sales and to life, build sales relationships and leaving their ego aside to become the best salespeople they can be.

Learn proper sales and closing techniques designed to help you sale coach others, not only through theory, but also through practical applications, daily sales exercises, creating real-life scenarios and role-playing with your clients.

Learn the tools to teach your clients to look at sales objections as positive factors in the sales process, and how to turn the most popular objections around and close the sale.

Learn the art of prospecting for both you as the sales coach and to teach it to your clients, as it is one of the least perfected and properly used tools in selling to this day, and mastering it will automatically make you and your clients stand out from the crowd.

Develop specific voice inflection techniques to use during the sales process and learn the difference between responding vs reacting in any situation, and how beneficial this can be in sales.

Plus, you’ll receive samples of sales coaching evaluation questionnaires and rapports to use with your clients, allowing you to develop a customized step-by-step sales coaching program that will get them the results they are looking for.

Develop a strong understanding of the psychology of the successful salesperson so that you can help your clients get past their own limiting beliefs, their undesired habits and mindsets in rapport to sales, overcoming resistance so they can create lasting sales relationships through practical changes and the satisfaction of mastering new sales skills.


This sales coaching certification program will give you everything you need to design your own sales coaching packages based on your own experience and knowledge in a field that is not only necessary, but now, by taking this course you will also be passionate about.

At the end of the course you will be a Certified Sales Coach and you will become an advocate for effective sales practices, a sales coaching educator, and an active partner that helps each client unlock their potential through new understanding, new mindset, better communication skills and new techniques they can apply in their sales career with pride and integrity.


In summary this sales coaching certification will provide the following:

This sales coaching certification will assist you in creating a step-by-step sales, prospecting and closing the sale program to use with your clients

This sales coaching certification program will give you the tools to design a custom sales coaching package that is focused and in alignment with YOUR unique passions and experience in the sales world

Begin your sales coaching practice with done-for-you questionnaires and rapport templates, as well as proven tools and processes to use with your clients, saving you time, stress, and money.

This sales coaching certification will also provide proven sales coaching recommended practices, including sales coaching models, personality theory, sales and consumer psychology, and professional sales coaching communication techniques.

Through this sales coaching certification you will learn how to screen clients, assessing their readiness, mindset, communication skills, openness to create a positive relationship with sales and the sales process despite their past experiences.

Learn sales coaching skills and psychological principals of sales behavioral change and how to motivate your clients to achieve their sales goals, increasing their numbers and feeling more confident in their potential as salespeople.

This sales coaching certification will leave you feeling confident as a sales coach because you have developed a strong foundation both of theory and practical application.

By earning your sales coaching certification you will also have the credibility that your clients are looking for by being able to say that you are a Certified Sales Life Coach.

So, are you ready to help your clients transform their future through learning new sales, prospecting and closing techniques and the foundational mindset for success? If so enroll now, we look forward to seeing you in the course!

Guarantee: We know you will love this course. However, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee if the course does not meet your needs for any reason.


1 Sales Coaching: Skills And Behaviors of Successful Sales Coaches
  • Why Become a Sales Coach?
  • Sales Coaching Models
  • The Stages of the Sales Coaching Preparation
  • The Characteristics of a Successful Sales Coach
  • Measuring Sales Coaching Performance
2 Sales Coaching: Understanding the Mindset of the Consumer
  • Sales Coach – How to Use the Material in this Section
  • We Are All Buyers
  • About Supply and Demand
  • Neuromarketing
  • The Mirror Neurons and the Concept of Imitation
  • Dopamine and Retail Therapy
  • Rituals and Habits
  • Faith and Religion
  • Somatic Markers
  • Speaking to Our Senses
  • Product Placement
  • Subliminal Messaging
  • Think Like a Buyer When You Sell
3 Sales Coaching: Understanding the Sales Psychology
  • Sales Coach – How to use the Material in this section
  • Everybody Sells
  • You Are Your Biggest Sale
  • Building Credibility
  • Leaving the Ego Aside
  • Selling is a Transference of Emotions
  • Emotional Intelligence in Sales Part 1
  • Emotional Intelligence in Sales Part 2
  • Building a Sales Relationship
  • Goals vs Quota
  • How to Avoid Procrastination
  • How to Avoid Perfectionism
  • How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis
4 Sales Coaching: Communication Skills
  • Sales Coach – How to Use the Materials in this section
  • Do You Respond or Do You React?
  • Choosing the Right Attitude
  • Voice Inflection and Voice Modulation is Sales
  • Creating Win-Win Situations
5 Sales Coaching: Effective Sales Strategies for Coaches
  • Sales Coach – How to Use the Materials in this section
  • Convince vs Persuade
  • Creating a Sense of Urgency
  • The Decoy Package Technique
  • Selling as a Storyteller
  • The Foot in the Door and the Door in The Face Strategies
  • The Anchoring Technique
  • Handling Objections
6 Sales Coaching: Closing the Sale
  • Sales Coach – How to Use the Materials in this section
  • Intro to the Closing Process
  • How to Lead to the Closing Using the Alternative of Choice Method
  • The Presumptive Closing Technique
  • The Second Question Close
  • The Balance Sheet Close
  • The 5 Questions Closing Strategy
  • Completing the Sale is Only the Beginning
  • Bonus: Handling Price Objections and Closing the Sale
7 Sales Coaching: The Art of Prospecting for a Coaching Business
  • Sales Coach – How to Use the Materials in this section
  • The Importance of Using the Right Message Part 1
  • Social Media Prospecting
  • Phone Prospecting
  • Voicemail Prospecting
  • Email Prospecting Part 1
  • Email Prospecting Part 2 – Practical Examples
  • Text Messaging Prospecting
  • Prospecting Face to Face
  • Responding to Prospecting Objections
8 Sales Coaching: The Art of Prospecting for a Coaching Business
  • Sales Coach – How to Use the Materials in this section
  • The Importance of Using the Right Message Part 1
  • Social Media Prospecting
  • Phone Prospecting
  • Voicemail Prospecting
  • Email Prospecting Part 1
  • Email Prospecting Part 2 – Practical Examples
  • Text Messaging Prospecting
  • Prospecting Face to Face
  • Responding to Prospecting Objections
9 Sales Coaching: Marketing Your Sales Coaching Business
  • Sales Coach – How to Use the Materials in this section
  • Creating Sale Coaching Packages
  • Sales Assessments and Questionnaires
10 Section 13: Congratulations! It’s A Wrap!
  • Congratulations!
  • Resources and References