Life Story Coach Certification

Life Story Coach Certification

Coach your clients to rewrite their life story scripts. identities and beliefs using neuroscience, psychology, CBT & TA | taught by Joeel & Natalie Rivera

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  • Psychology behind people’s life stories, beliefs and narratives
  • Use proven, step-by-step tools and strategies
  • Help clients quiet the inner critic
  • Help clients empower their self-talk
  • Help clients stop self-defeating habits
  • Help clients develop a success identity
  • Help clients release past baggage
  • Use frameworks like CBT and Transactional Analysis


  • The Psychology of identity
  • Identifying your life story
  • Rewriting your life story
  • Living your new life story
  • Finalizing your transformation
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  • Accredited Course

    Accredited by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134)

  • Self-paced

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  • From Beginner to Advanced

    No degree or prior experience required

  • English

    Subtitles: English


Life truly is what we make of it. The stories we tell can either liberate us or enslave us.

The most powerful transformation your can offer your clients—as a life coach, a counselor, a speaker or a teacher—is to help them rewrite the story they tell about their lives and who they are.

We are all natural story-tellers, but our life stories are more fiction than fact. We believe they are real, but they are muddied by our interpretations, the people who influenced us, our limited memories, and the meaning we ascribed to each event. Usually, these stories are unconscious; they are deeply ingrained into our psyche through years of repetition. We tell stories about who we are and what happened to us. We tell stories about others, We tell stories about life.

But these stories aren’t who we are. Most of them aren’t even true. We continue to tell them out of habit. And continuing to carry them around will perpetuate those stories into our future.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way—for you OR for your clients!

Studies have proven that even subtle tweaks to our story can shift our attitude, improve our self-confidence, and redirect our futures. We may not be able to change the past, but we can change how we see it, the story we tell, and therefore how it affects us and who we become.

You may have clients with tremendous potential and drive, but who seem to be held back by limiting beliefs, low self-confidence, and a persistent life story that keeps them stuck in a rut or returning to the same life scripts over and over again. By helping them change how they view their past and re-write their life’s story, you will help them envision a compelling future and see current and future challenges as opportunities.

The activities and tools you will use to transform your life are based on a foundation of neuroscience, psychological principles, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Transactional Analysis.

This course provides everything you need to:

  • Create a complete life coaching package on Rewriting Your Life Story
  • Receive an official certification as a Life Story Coach
  • Understand the psychological principles behind people’s life stories, beliefs and narratives
  • Use proven, step-by-step tools and strategies with your clients to help them re-writing their stories, release limiting beliefs, and empower their self talk
  • Use principles and exercises from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Transactional Analysis to help clients change life patterns
  • This course is taught by three experts in the fields of life coaching, personal development, psychology and psychoanalysis. Our varied experience and perspectives add depth and variety to the program.

Students who complete this certification course will receive an official life coach CERTIFICATION from Transformation Academy. This course is also ACCREDITED by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134), and CPD/CEU credits are available upon request.

1 Introducing Life Stories and Instructors 33:16
  • What is a Life Story? FREE PREVIEW
  • What is a Life Story WORKSHEET
  • Being a Life Story Coach FREE PREVIEW
  • Being a Life Story Coach WORKSHEET
  • How to Complete This Program
  • Natalie’s Story, an Example
  • Joeel’a Story, an Example
  • All Course Documents in One Handy Place
  • IMPORTANT: Life Coaching Disclaimer
2 The Psychology of Identity: How Do Stories Get Written? 63:19
  • COACH: Psychological Foundations
  • COACH Psychological Foundations WORKSHEET
  • The Big Why
  • The Big Why WORKSHEET
  • Conformity and Social Influences
  • Conformity and Social Influences WORKSHEET
  • Understanding Schemas
  • Schemas WORKSHEET
  • Conditioned Beliefs
  • Conditioning WORKSHEET
  • Understanding Confirmation Bias
  • Confirmation Bias WORKSHEET
  • How Memory Impacts Your Story
  • Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Sub modalities & Re-coding
  • NLP Sub modalities WORKSHEET
3 Identifying Your Life Story 63:13
  • COACH: Identity & Beliefs
  • COACH Identity and Beliefs WORKSHEET
  • Identifying Your Life Movie Script (IMPORTANT)
  • Identifying Your Life Movie Script WORKSHEET
  • Identity: Archetypes
  • Archetypes WORKSHEET
  • Other Identities
  • Other Identities WORKSHEET
  • Three Ego States WORKSHEET
  • Identifying Hidden Beliefs
  • Hidden Beliefs WORKSHEET
  • Questioning Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Questioning Your Beliefs WORKSHEET
4 Rewriting Your Life Story 78:14
  • COACH: Rewriting Your Story
  • COACH Rewriting Stories WORKSHEET
  • Releasing Attachment to Your Story
  • Attachment to Your Story WORKSHEET
  • The Power of Pain and Pleasure
  • Pain and Pleasure WORKSHEET
  • Accepting What Is
  • Accepting What Is WORKSHEET
  • COACH: Rewriting Stories Part 2
  • COACH Rewriting Stories Part 2 WORKSHEET
  • Reframing Your Story (IMPORTANT)
  • Reframing Your Story WORKSHEET
  • Uncovering the Lies Activity
  • Uncovering the Lies Activity WORKSHEET
  • Changing Your Beliefs
  • Changing Beliefs WORKSHEET
  • Identifying What You WANT
  • Identifying What You Want WORKSHEET
  • COACH: Movie Activity with Your Clients
  • COACH Movie Activity WORKSHEET
  • Rewriting Your Life Movie Script (IMPORTANT)
  • Rewriting Your Life Movie Script WORKSHEET
5 LIVING Your New Life Story 62:12
  • COACH: Accountability and Planning
  • COACH Accountability and Planning WORKSHEET
  • The Circle of Control
  • Circle of Control WORKSHEET
  • Willpower: Removing Cues & Triggers
  • Willpower Cues and Triggers WORKSHEET
  • Exposure-Therapy WORKSHEET
  • Creating a Reward System
  • Creating a Reward System WORKSHEET
  • Making Life Changes that Reflect Your New Story
  • Creating Life Changes WORKSHEET
  • Accepting Other People’s Stories
  • Accepting Other People’s Stories WORKSHEET
6 Finalizing Your Transformation 10:25
  • COACH: Closing Ceremony
  • COACH Closing Ceremony Worksheet
  • Symbolism and Ceremony
  • Symbolism and Ceremony Worksheet
  • Your Certificate
  • Receiving Your Certificate and Logo